A comprehensive assessment includes a family questionnaire, a battery of assessment tests and a detailed written report. The report will include test results, a summary of strengths and weaknesses and most importantly, educational recommendations.

Assessments usually take between 1 ½ to 2 hours depending on the individual.

This assessment process is based on the recommended procedure from Dyslexia Action (UK). Any previous assessments can also be taken into consideration. We are more than happy to look through past assessments.

Dyslexia Pre-Assessment

Our comprehensive Dyslexia Pre-Assessment service does not diagnose Dyslexia, however, will indicate as to whether further assessing and investigating should be professionally explored and recommended.

MSL Specialist Tutoring

MSL (Multisensory Structured Language) Specialist Tutoring services are very different to traditional tutoring services. They are not to be confused. Our specialist tutoring services allow our tutors to create individually tailored programmes for dyslexics which are structured, cumulative and multi-sensory. 

These sessions have a key focus of drawing on the individuals strengths and weaknesses. Throughout these specialist sessions, Dyslexia NSW aim to establish a strong foundation and build on this foundation, enabling individuals to grow, develop and make progress with their Dyslexia management. 

At Dyslexia NSW, we recommend and refer tutors who all utilise specialised programs such as Dyslexia Institute Literacy Programme or the Orton-Gillingham Programme. Our recommended tutors lead each session with care, diligence and enthusiasm. To read more about our wonderful tutors, click here.


We offer customised workshops and training sessions for those interested in learning more about Dyslexia. We provide tailored workshops for adults, parents, children, schools and corporate organisations. The team at Dyslexia NSW will be happy to discuss your tailored workshop and training requirements to ensure this service suits your needs.

On occasion, we also offer fun and interactive workshop sessions throughout the school holidays. Keep up to date on these sessions by either getting in touch with us or following us on social media.