It is very difficult to find the right tutor for your child. The key is to ask lots of questions including what programmes and techniques they use.  Do not be afraid to ask about progress and what the sessions will involve. Dyslexia NSW is proud to recommend and refer the following, highly qualified MSL tutors below. 

Becky Bailey- Leonay

Dyslexia NSW founder, Becky Bailey, holds more than 20 years of experience in the field. She holds a Bachelor of Education and a Postgraduate Diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy.

Prior to starting the business 10 years go, Becky commenced her career in the UK although has also worked in NSW schools. She has worked in a variety of different schools including large public schools and small independent schools. She was the Special Needs Co-Ordinator of a Dyslexia Friendly School for seven years before moving with her family to Australia. 

Since starting Dyslexia NSW in 2010, Becky has worked with children of all ages and difficulties. She has trained and mentored teachers and parents who have wanted to learn more about Dyslexia.

Becky specialises working with children who have experienced anxiety and fear of failure. She is passionate about finding solutions for all children to ensure they learn the fundamental skills required to be successful and confident.

Vicki Squadrito - Wentworth Falls

Based in Wentworth Falls, Vicki holds a Certificate in Teaching Children with Dyslexia and similar reading difficulties and has a current working with childrens check. Vicki started working as a Learning Support Officer and has worked in several schools for more than 10 years. She is passionate about finding solutions that are effective for the individual student and that these methods fit within family constraints. This may involve regular tutoring sessions where she will assist your child with their weaknesses.

Vicki has extensive first hand knowledge of how it feels as the parent of a struggling child. She aims to empower you with expertise and positivity. 

Vicki is married with two children. Her son has dyslexia and despite being highly intelligent and motivated to learn, was struggling at school. His struggle with learning motivated Vicki to learn more about Dyslexia and how to support these vulnerable learners. 

Terri MacKenzie - Central Coast

Terri is based in Hamlyn Terrace. She is a qualified primary school teacher with 17 years experience. She has a Masters Degree in Special Education and is currently studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy.

Terri’s journey with Dyslexia commenced when her son was assessed with Dyslexia in kindergarten. She was determined to seek solutions to cater for her son’s reading and writing difficulties, when she found Dyslexia NSW. She commenced training with Dyslexia NSW in 2015 and has since opened her own tutoring business, Better Basics. Terri’s ultimate aim is to offer a service that will teach children the basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy through the use of structured, multisensory techniques. Children do not require a diagnosis or assessment to attend and benefit from her tutoring.

Jodie Meidling - Inner West Sydney

Jodie is a qualified Orton Gillingham tutor with qualifications from the University of Sydney in English Literature, conducting specialised tutoring for primary aged children struggling with reading, writing and spelling.

Her passion for teaching children is due to her youngest daughter struggling with reading, writing and spelling. Her attitude to school started to dwindle as she lost confidence and became withdrawn from the classroom. Learning became difficult for her and Jodie was worried she would never want to read.
Jodie studied various phonics based approaches and used these as a starting point to remedy the problem. She completed her Dyslexia Training Institute Certificate in Orton Gillingham.

Jodie is committed to helping her children succeed and working with them to find their own program based on their strengths and weaknesses. Her lessons are designed to compliment your child’s learning style and are either paired or one on one mentoring.  As a parent with a child with Dyslexia, Jodie understands first hand the difficulties with tutoring your own child with Dyslexia and would agree a trained tutor is a great resource for her child.

Tracey Whiting - Faulconbridge, Blue Mountains

Also based in the Blue Mountains, in 2016Tracey completed her Orton Gillingham and multisensory language training through ISMLE to better understand her daughter’s learning difficulties. This initially allowed Tracy to feel more confident to help her child, which soon developed into a volunteer role assisting struggling readers within her local community.

Eventually, Tracey began working with children that required intervention for all aspects of literacy. With a background in yoga and wellbeing for the previous twenty-five years, Tracey applies the same mindfulness and dedication in helping children with their learning differences to feel more confident and empowered.

She also assists in guiding them through an evidenced based, structured and multi-sensory literacy program. Drawing upon her deep understanding of the challenges of Dyslexia, each child’s needs are catered for in a personalised and caring approach.
Tracey works with school aged children in both home and school based settings and holds a current certification in First Aid, CPR and WWCC alongside her MSL qualifications.

Emma Kellow - Sydney's North Shore

Emma is a UK qualified Dyslexia Specialist with over twenty years teaching experience – fifteen years teaching children with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties. She has worked as part of the Learning Support Team in many primary schools in the UK.

Recently, Emma has been privately tutoring as well as working in a school in Sydney’s North Shore. She runs her own business, Jolly Readers, teaching phonics to preschool children. Emma offers tutoring in both Maths and Literacy for primary and high school students. She also offers a Dyslexia Screening Service.